Better In Person: Old Navy Bags

Shopping online is fast and convenient but there are definitely times when you need to see something in person before making the decision to buy.  Shopping in person allows you to test the quality of the product as well as fit. There are also those delightfully unexpected times when something looks terrible online or even on the rack but after trying it on, you fall in love with the item. That’s what happened to me on my last trip to Old Navy.


Quilted Faux-Leather Satchel, Old Navy, $34.50

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Patent Color-Block Shoulder Bag, Old Navy, $29.50

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I didn’t end up buying either of these bags but I was surprised at how much nicer they looked in person.  The Faux Leather Satchel was particularly impressive because of the variety of colors that it’s available in. You would expect synthetic materials to look cheap in such an electric color but if you’re not expecting the bag to resemble leather then you should be fine.

I’ll be waiting to see if these pretty little things get marked down anytime soon.


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