Ready For Fall

The weather in the Mid-Atlantic is already starting to cool off and so I can’t help but think ahead to Fall. Fashion is like that – you’re always trying to stay ahead and plan that next move. Even when you’re confident in your own style, it never hurts to stay aware of the evolution of trends. Personally, I’ve been thinking about sleek silhouettes and minimal yet heavy hitting doses of color (a contrast to my delightfully over-saturated past).

I’m a firm believer that the fashion industry is influenced by the state of the world and right now we’re all plagued by a terrible job market, extreme oil prices, and all the other trappings of a recession. Solemn times have led me to a solemn wardrobe. While I’d love to own an authentic Balenciaga bag, right now I’m not even sure it’s fiscally responsible to snag the knockoff featured below. So this fall, not only will I be downsizing my rainbow, I’ll also be thinking about recycling my old clothes into something fresh. Topshop may be selling the “Boyfriend Blazer” but I’ve got an older brother who must have outgrown a jacket or two.

It’s all about being resourceful.

To Shop:


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