Industry Speak: Cut & Sew

I’ve always been really curious about the design aspect of the fashion industry. I know most major companies have a team of merchandisers and brand specialists who are trained in predicting trends and knowing all of the statistics about sales but ultimately, it’s the designers that get all of the credit when things go well and all of the flack when they don’t.

My latest indulgence/insight into the industry has come from Karma Loop TV‘s interviews with some of my favorite street wear designers… and some that just make me laugh.

Jonas Bevacqua, LRG

Industry Speak:

What is cut and sew? It’s basically when a company produces their goods from start to finish from raw materials. This term is popular when talking about street wear. Many companies that aren’t cut and sew, buy shirts from another company (American Apparel is a big one) and then screen print their own designs on the shirts later. When a company emphasizes that its products are cut and sew, you can expect to pay more but hopefully the quality is better.


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