Inspiration: The Victorian Age

I am in the midst of sorting through my closet (again) and getting rid of some things and packing others for phase one of my move (more on that, eventually). This process has put me in a rather tough situation; I’m trying to decide, right now, what clothes, I’m going to want later in the season but don’t need immediately. Very tricky business.

One look that I know I’m going to want to try in the colder days of winter is the Victorian Gothic. Like I said before, I’m really into reducing my color palate. But you’ll never catch me in a corset, ok? Never. My interpretation will be all leather and carefully controlled lace. Maybe some ruffles. Maybe.

And now that I’ve said that, I’ve resolved only to wear vintage leather while I contemplate ways to become a more eco-conscious fashionista. It seems like a reasonable compromise, no? But then again, perhaps me even wearing vintage leather is a form of promoting the leather industry. And then, what about those leather bags that I love so much? Oh gosh, I’m getting all frazzled and overcome with liberal-fashionista- guilt. I bet this never happens to Victoria Beckham.

My Favorite Finds:

Victoriana Leather Jacket, Topshop, Now £ 50.00

Victoriana Leather Jacket, Topshop, Now £ 50.00

Buy Now

Grey jersey lace up shoes, Miss Selfridge, £15.00

Grey jersey lace up pump, Miss Selfridge, £15.00

Buy Now

Vintage look enamel elastic belt, Asos, £12.00

Vintage look enamel elastic belt, Asos, £12.00

Buy Now

For someone who hates period films as much as I do, it seems a little odd for me to be romanticizing the Victorian age. Don’t worry, I’m the first to admit it. But my hatred of all things past tense is only in reference to film…I think. I’m still working out all the subtleties of that quirk.


2 responses to “Inspiration: The Victorian Age

  1. love the leather jacket!

  2. I love this trend too. It’s feminine, but not overtly sexual.

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