Tastemaker: Rachel Zoe

I have been such an insomniac lately- it’s really terrible. The last two years of my life have been marked with erratic sleeping patterns, which I had blamed on the college lifestyle but I’m starting to suspect that it has more to do with my overactive mind. The good news is that I’ve gotten caught up on London Fashion Week and watched the first episode of The Rachel Zoe Project.


  • Luella
  • Ossie Clark
  • Charles Anastase

Luella has been the only collection that has really wowed me, although I’m willing to admit that I need to take more time to actually look through the collections and think about them. It wouldn’t hurt to do this at a more reasonable hour either.

Source: Bravo

As for The Rachel Zoe Project, I halfway can’t believe that I made it through the whole thing. It was a little hard to listen to her talk but once I accepted her Zoe-isms (“shut it down”, “I die”, “kill it”, etc.), I was sucked in. Apparently so was a significant portion of America as it’s been reported that the debut of The Rachel Zoe project topped Project Runway’s season premiere. Reviews haven’t been as favorable.

I’ve been mildly/morbidly obsessed with Zoe ever since her partnership with Nicole Richie. That’s not to say that I think she’s the most creative stylist in the biz. I do think that she is one of the most business savy or rather, opportunistic. The lady understands the game and has made it work for her- that is until she started throwing public temper tantrums at shows and let’s not forget about how Zoe dissed Anna Wintour and got herself blacklisted by fashion’s reigning Queen Bee.

If you’ve got some time to kill and you’re interested, you can watch the show on Youtube- that is until Bravo catches wind.

The Rachel Zoe Project (Episode One, Part 1/5)

Love her or hate her, Rachel Zoe is still a tastemaker – at least in Hollywood. To read an old, but really solid, NY Times article about her career, click here.

Photos Courtesy of Style.com


12 responses to “Tastemaker: Rachel Zoe

  1. wasn’t the ossie clark collection amazing?!

  2. i still have to watch this show! i’ll catch the 2nd episode tonight.

  3. ooh i do like the luella collection!

  4. Thank you. 🙂
    I like Rachel, need to see this show!!

  5. hahah i love rachel zoe. yet, she bothers me! haha =)

    ps – thanks for stopping by! =)

  6. i am totally obsessed (secretly, of course) with mrs zoe too… as you mentioned ever since she transformed nic richie… i think rz is quite likable and i feel so sorry for her she gets slated all the time. i bought her book too :s and it is quite good! also i would kill to have her wardrobe let alone her business xo

  7. ooh I didn’t knoe that I can watch the rachel zoe project online thank you so much!!

  8. Nice, I like the colours.

  9. thanks for leaving me a sweet comment on my dress!
    i’m going to have to come back here to check out your awesome re-caps of the shows when i have more time to sit and drool 🙂

  10. I had a completely different reaction to show…perhaps it is because I loathed her before, that any different view of her in the show could only raise my estimate. But I found it really fun, shallow television…which is what most shows are right now anyway.

  11. I’ve been having weird sleeping patterns ever since I started uni ( 3years ago)… School kills, lol. AS for runways shows, I still can’t catch up and have yet to see the shows.

  12. Great site … I would love to exchange links with you.

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