I Want This: Rick Owens Biker Jacket

The weather has cooled down here in the Mid-Atlantic and I’m feeling relieved. I’ve been able to open my windows and enjoy some fresh air without being overwhelmed by the humidity. It’s also made me excited about the fact that Fall is finally manifesting itself- and fall cloths will soon follow.

I really associate sunglasses with Fall- which might seem a little odd to some people but makes perfect sense to me.

They’re the last thing you throw on before going off to run a million errands but they can so easily complete an outfit.

These picks are from the Linda Farrow Luxe line available at Net-A-Porter and would set me back a pretty penny but I just can’t help lusting after them. The Vintage line is also very, very, delectable!

And as long as I’m sharing things that I lust after. I can’t stop thinking about this leather jacket by Rick Owens (I posted about it a few days ago on HoneyCrate). I still don’t feel 100% okay wearing leather but this jacket seems so perfect for Fall. So soft and comfy! Maybe I can find a suitable knockoff of the faux leather variety.

More from London Fashion Week:


  • Eley Kishimoto: Great fun but I would have preferred some of the dresses to have a more defined waistline- the smock dress can sometimes border on maternity wear for the average wearer.
  • Jaeger London: It was wearable and I liked that. Sarah Mower, who reviewed the collection for Style.com, was not blown away by the collection. She hinted at the fact that Jaeger London might not make it into the reduced lineup (4days only!) at London Fashion Week next year because it is too commercial. I suppose because I am an average gal, the commercial aspects of the show didn’t bother me. I like what I like.
  • Aquascutum: I really loved the looks that I selected from this collection (above) but will admit that the collection made it to my favorites because I was happy to see so many of my favorite models walk this runway. It’s nice to see that Aquascutum featured so many beautiful women of color!

Jourdan Dunn, Yordanos Teshager, Alek Wek, and Chanel Iman. Source: Style.com

I borderline hated Louise Goldin. And it really pains me to say that. I’m usually so impressed with her work (knitwear!!) but I just did not connect with her futuristic motif. I suppose that happens to me a lot- I have a low tolerance for futuristic designs as they often appear too space age for me and I start to think of them too much as costumes. The only thing that saved the collection, for my personal taste at least, was the jumpsuit that I pictured above. I’m not even sure what draws me to that- I would never wear it (not flattering) but it manages to intrigue me.

Any favorites from London thus far?

Photos courtesy of Net-A-Porter and Style.com


12 responses to “I Want This: Rick Owens Biker Jacket

  1. After Giles Deacon it was a no-brainer!

  2. mm that leather jacket is lovely!

  3. omg, i have been lusting after that that rick owens jacket, too. and those sunglasses are fabulous. the 2 on the 2nd row are my fave.

  4. I love the Rick Owens jacket. Let us know if you find a good knock-off!

    Love the sunglasses, but I can never spend a lot on them because I loose them all the time!

  5. I am in love this that jacket and thick rimmmed sunglasses…. I still need to catch up with all of the shows, lol 🙂

  6. That is a really fantastic outfit. You’re right–I do think it’s strange that you associate sunglasses with fall! ^_- But I just started wearing them again since I got contacts, so maybe I’m out of the loop.

  7. oh my gosh i would die for that jacket. it’s amazing! such a great color too!

  8. I would love that jacket too. It looks so comfy as well as stylish.

  9. that jacket look so soft and supple, what a perfect find for fall. i am really in love with aquascutum. when i was in the boutique a while ago, everything look so old and matronly. these look hip and savvy.

  10. these shows are so much more colourful compaired to the nyc fashion week. but i still ❤ and those glasses are adorable. http://www.thedailyalygator.blogspot.com

  11. I ALSO love the Rick Owens biker jacket! It’s so adorable and I love that detail!!!

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