Five Favorite Finds

I meant to post my favorite finds of the week, yesterday but I never got the chance. Better late than never.

Five Favorite Finds:


I forget where exactly I first heard about Miss Bruno but I finally got around to looking it up – what did people do before the internet?! Being a girl who loves her prints, I’m quite enchanted by what I found.

Their philosophy: “missbruno sprung from the marrow of our lineage, making twists and turns jusqu’ it morphed into the trans-worlds collection you see today. specifically, we are two sisters: brooklynites by way of Ayiti; designers, by way of musik and film; independent, by way of clothing made directly from our collective hands. our designs thrive on our philosophies on life: wholistic, lush, simple. we make things meant for sustainable living and other unassuming revolutions.”

Sounds good to me!

I thought that they only made scarves but was surprised to see that they offer up much more than that. I’m practically drooling over their dresses. Be sure to visit their website– it’s fun for your eyes.

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Costume Dept.'s "Privat School" leggins featured on

Leggings featured on Eric Daman's (stylist for Gossip Girl) style guide on Revolve.Com


I’ve talked about Costume Dept. leggings before over at Sophista-Funk but I’m still crazy about them. I really MUST have Yellow Fever! I keep imagining them under my black t-shirt dress with the perfect pair of pumps. But then again, Liberty Bell might be the perfect addition to my wardrobe for fall because it gives off that really sleek leather leggings effect without being too dominatrix. So many possibilities.

Added bonus:They simply are not American Apparel. I’m bored to death with American Apparel. Also, these leggings are made from deadstock so Costume Dept. is going easy on the environment and I can dig that.

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These oxford inspired shoes are so dreamy. The heel on the Steve Madden “Vulture” is a little too steep for me if I’m being practical but they look fierce. I think I would feel very adult and ladylike in them. Although the “Saraid 2” might have more of a school girl vibe. Or the “Remind Me” with a pair of black skinny jeans and a blazer. I’m thinking hard about what my next shoe purchase should be. These get very high marks but I’m also looking for a new pair of boots.

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These over the knee boots from Alloy are also a surprising find. At $42, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. They’re simple enough (although I could actually live without the silver hoop) to work with a variety of outfits and cheap enough that I wouldn’t stress too much about running around in them. In my experience (faux) suede boots get dirty easily and don’t recover well.

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This photograph from the FIT museum was a great source of inspiration this week. It’s from their collection “Arbiters of Style: Women at the Forefront of Fashion”. The photo is of Diana Vreeland wearing a Henri Bendel suit on an deserted movie lot in Phoenix Arizona in Harper’s Bazaar- January 1942. I just love looking at this photo- it’s so easy to create a storyline to go with it.

To see the online collection, visit the Museum at FIT.


10 responses to “Five Favorite Finds

  1. i am seeing yellow tooo…

  2. great finds, I love the shoes!

  3. i really like the liberty campbell leggings. so very cool!

  4. those leggings are amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  5. love the oxford style shoes. I will never get bored of that shoe style!

  6. lots of great finds, i love the oxford style shoes, also the costume dept check leggings are superb

  7. Love the houndstooth leggings! Also love the boots but have had bad luck buying shoes at Alloys =(

  8. yay! anti-american apparel folks rock!

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