Bad Blogger

What a strange week this has been and shame on me for not posting anything! I wish I could say that I had been terribly busy or that I had written lots of great stuff over at Sophista-Funk and HoneyCrate but alack alas it is not so. But I will definitely take the time to point out some cool stuff that the other girls offered up this week:
Tala had a great find at Sophista-Funk with her post on Michelle Jank. How fly is this neck piece? Talk about making a statement. I’d really love to own this as I’ve really been into glitz and glam lately.
Also of note- Caro held down HoneyCrate with a slew of good stuff this past week. Her post on “Obama: The Historic Campaign in Photographs” was very well timed. And in spirit of the presidential debates (did ya’ll watch?), I’ve added a widget to the blog that will help you check your voting status and get ready for the big showdown on November 4th!
Monroe Gallery
Source: Monroe Gallery

I knew he had been battling aggressive cancer but Paul Newman‘s death still comes as a shock to me. What a good guy. And stylish too. While googling him, as I’m sure many others have been doing, I found so many amazing photographs of Mr. Newman. Talk about cool. And that stare? Dude was badass. But I think what I respect most about the man is that he gave to heartily to others and I’m not just talking about his lemonade and salad dressings, although those are great.

I have the sudden urge to spend the remainder of the weekend watching old films and feeling nostalgic for an age in which I do not belong.

Cue the link to Linde‘s blog, About To Combust, and her post on nostalgia in the arts (film, television, fashion etc.) Linde is truly brilliant and I have nothing but respect for her incredible academic pursuits. Girl is hella smart. Check out her blog.

Good stuff is on the way this week- I promise- so look out for it!


2 responses to “Bad Blogger

  1. Thank you so much for the shoutout! Love you. Love this.

  2. What a lovely blog and page lay-out. That neckpiece is gorge!perfect for making a statement.

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