Inspiration: Golden Girls

All credit goes to Linde and Chris for making this observation: It seems like nowadays, hipster girls are channeling the original chick clique- The Golden Girls for fashion inspiration. From full coverage polyester and lace dresses that are borrowed from grandmother’s closet to sequin drenched tunics, the influence of the Golden Girls can be spotted both on the streets and the runway (super saturated blazers and early 90s florals are gonna be major for spring).

Golden Girls Intro:

This trend, like any other, is only flattering when in moderation. I was blessed with fashionable grandparents but that certainly doesn’t mean that I want to look like I AM a grandparent. Ya dig? I mean, channeling the past is one thing but I’m not ready to move into a Florida retirement community. Just think about the fact that in the fashion world when you’re being compared to Dorothy, Sophia, Blanche or Rose it’s because you’ve had a “what was she thinking” moment. I don’t think it’s fair to give those lady such a bad rap though – so if you’re gonna use them as inspiration, keep it fresh.

P.S. – How awesome is this photo of Bea Arthur with Angela Lansbury?

Photos courtesy of Polyvore and Lifetime


18 responses to “Inspiration: Golden Girls

  1. so true! fashion tends to repeat itself.
    haha the golden girls were so funny.

  2. ahahha SO AMAZING


    thank you for being a friend.

  3. haahaha amazing. my hometown is a FL retirement community, but rarely have i seen such stylish grannies.

    granny chic is going to be huge for spring šŸ™‚ i can’t wait..

  4. Aha, what an amazing source of inspiration. Pretty unexpected.

  5. YES! way to update it…Bea and Angela are so great!

  6. Stunning!I like Dorothy’s the most.

  7. Great post!
    You are so so right.

    What a cool way to think of it too! The golden girls are awesome!

  8. I was just commenting on the GGs fashion sense the other day. I definitely see “Granny Chic” emerging– big pearl button earings, lace, long cardigans, sequins– love them all! LOL

  9. Oh wow nice blog, i love it. that was such a great read! fashion most def is repetitive xx

  10. yeah good blog dude !! i love it

  11. Sophia was so hot! I don’t know about being my fashion inspiration, but I definetely subscribe to her life philosophy.

  12. i used to love watching the golden girls!!!! such a funny idea! really like what you have done with this post, loves it xo

  13. L-O-V-E the Golden Girls, still watch it in fact! I’m a total Sophia =) Amazing post!

  14. Everything old is alway made new…just with a fresh modern touch…Great post…I love the Golden Girls!

  15. Loved this post so much, we featured it on Beauty Chat. Check it out:

  16. Fantastic affair, did not thought it would be so great when I read your title!

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