Well kids, the time has come for Trendology to move from into its own domain. You can now find this blog at TRENDOLOGY.ORG .

Aside from the layout, you can find everything from the original Trendology at the new space, with the exception of some of the comments from the last couple of posts. Moving into a private domain will hopefully allow me the space/freedom that I need to expand Trendology so be on the look out for new features and please bear with me as I continue to get the site up and running.

  • If we have exchanged links, please update your listing for Trendology to I have moved my blog roll to the new location but if for some reason, you do not see your site listed, please leave me a note and I will add it ASAP.

— Jillian


3 responses to “TRENDOLOGY.ORG

  1. Cool, I just updated my blogroll =)

  2. R u resuscitating an endangered species to return it to the ecosystem or capturing it for its valuable skin to make fabulous boots?

    A fashion/conscious Maryland resident


  3. MBT footwear

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