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Trend Alert: Dr. Martens

Style 1b60, Dr. Martens, $140

Style 1b60, Dr. Martens, $140

Style 1460, Dr. Marte

With rugged boots coming back into style, it was only a matter of time before Dr. Martens (aka – DMs, Docs, Doc Martens) started to to, once again, grace the pages of fashion magazines. Although the company likes to downplay this history, Dr. Martens were first debuted during World War II. Their inventor, Dr. Klaus Martens was a German army doctor during the war who needed to create special shoes for himself due to an injury that he sustained while on vacation.  In 1947 Klaus went into business with his friend, Dr. Herbert Funck, and the two began designing “comfort” shoes that were wildly popular with women over the age of 40.


Style 1460, Dr. Martens, $110

The brand has come a long way from German housewives and now is more likely to be associated with punks, skinheads, and Brittany Murphy‘s character in Clueless before Cher gave her a makeover. But this season, Dr. Martens have been thoroughly integrated into mainstream fashion, much to the dismay of whatever remains of subversive youth culture(s). Most recently, I saw Dr. Martens being featured in the November issue of Lucky magazine as a must have for this fall.

Style 1460, Dr. Martens, $110

Style 1460, Dr. Martens, $110

LA Times

Agyness Deyn. Source: LA Times

Some of the best publicity that the brand has had, no doubt, comes from current “it girl” Agyness Deyn. Whether you adore her or think she’s just okay, Deyn seems to be on the pulse of all things stylish.  She is a muse for many young hipsters who are looking for the next big thing. While Dr. Martens are anything but new, their new floral prints and neon colors are sure to draw in a new crowd this season.

If you’re thinking about ordering a pair of these shoes, I suggest you consider branching out from the standard black and try an unexpected color or pattern in a style that will work well with your wardrobe.

Cerys, Dr. Martens, $170

Cerys, Dr. Martens, $170



Trend Alert: The Bowler Hat

Who What Wear

Who What Wear

The Bowler hat (aka the derby or the billycock) is a felt hat with a rounded top that was invented in London around 1849. The style has endured and although it was, at one time, associated with butlers, the bowler hat is now massively popular among stylish women looking to add a little bit of edge to their outfits.

Bowler Hat, Urban Outfitters

Bowler Hat, Urban Outfitters, $38

Many of our favorite celebrity/model muses have been spotted wearing the Bowler everywhere from grocery shopping to red carpet events. I happen to think there is something undeniably sassy about a lady with a bowler hat tilted towards the back of her head. This hat can take an otherwise common outfit and pump up its impact by giving it a rock edge.  As Who What Wear noted, the bowler hat also garnered attention on the runway shows of Sonia Rykiel and Limi Feu, showing that it is a style that can also be worn with a bit more sophistication and suggesting that it is about to become even more popular.

Just Jared

Source: Just Jared

I loved the look that Rachel Bilson had at the launch of her new line Edie Rose (more on that later). Although the tie is distractingly long, I think she pulled off this style masterfully. Using the hat and tie to pull together this look, Bilson manages to channel the spirit of a proper young boy without looking like she was wearing a costume. The curvy skinny jeans and layered (pearl?) bracelets are a very nice touch.

For good tips on how to wear this style and where to find the perfect Bowler, be sure to check out Who What Wear. They have an incredible site with a lot of amazing information.

Marketing: TVLifestyles

I just found this website called Overlay TV which basically allows companies to upload videos and overlay them with content.  This is cool because they have a fashion page that allows you to watch videos from tv shows and red carpet events and click on the styles that you like to find out where they are from or to purchase them. It seems as though this site is still in the process of establishing itself but it has great potential.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen companies try to directly market the clothing that is being worn on tv etc. The CW network has developed a store on their website that capitalizes on the fashion buzz from Gossip Girl. You can  browse their store and buy the items that will help you emulate the styles of your favorite character whether you are on Team Blair or Serena, or maybe even rooting for Little J.

The CW is in a partnership with Starbrand which is a more comprehensive website that allows you to browse the styles seen on an eclectic collection of tv shows and movies including Gossip Girl, America’s Next Top Model, The L Word, and She’s The Man. Not to mention the long gone, O.C. – people are still referencing Marissa‘s style on that show.

The website allows you to look at character profiles, browse the fashion by character, episode, season, and brand. You can also find out information about the set designs, stylists, and beauty information. Essentially, they’ve gone out of their way to make sure that they can market just about every aspect of a shows to you, the consumer. It takes the idea of selling a lifestyle to the next, most cutting edge, level.

Now we can only hope that sooner or later these companies start marketing “Look For Less” sites, with the same fervor,to those of us with tighter budgets. No matter how badly I’m crushing on something from Phillip Lim 3.1, it’s just not gonna happen right now.

Images courtesy of  The CW, Fox, The OC Files

Inspiration: Golden Girls

All credit goes to Linde and Chris for making this observation: It seems like nowadays, hipster girls are channeling the original chick clique- The Golden Girls for fashion inspiration. From full coverage polyester and lace dresses that are borrowed from grandmother’s closet to sequin drenched tunics, the influence of the Golden Girls can be spotted both on the streets and the runway (super saturated blazers and early 90s florals are gonna be major for spring).

Golden Girls Intro:

This trend, like any other, is only flattering when in moderation. I was blessed with fashionable grandparents but that certainly doesn’t mean that I want to look like I AM a grandparent. Ya dig? I mean, channeling the past is one thing but I’m not ready to move into a Florida retirement community. Just think about the fact that in the fashion world when you’re being compared to Dorothy, Sophia, Blanche or Rose it’s because you’ve had a “what was she thinking” moment. I don’t think it’s fair to give those lady such a bad rap though – so if you’re gonna use them as inspiration, keep it fresh.

P.S. – How awesome is this photo of Bea Arthur with Angela Lansbury?

Photos courtesy of Polyvore and Lifetime

I Want These: Olsen Haus Vegan Boots

Groove, Olsen Haus, $215

No need to feel guilty — Olsen Haus shoes are 100% vegan deliciousness.

Five Favorite Finds

It’s been a pretty good week and I had lots of ideas for my favorite finds but have managed to narrow them down into this list of five. There is no particular theme for this week although I do think that each of these items is very telling of my personality and the things that I love.


In Style

Source: In Style

House of Harlow 1960

Over at Sophista-Funk, Tala and I have often discussed the atrocities that have been produced when celebrities turn into fashion designers. Let’s all take a moment and reflect upon the monstrosities that Aubrey O’Day brought into the world. But, every once and a while, there is a true gem. Some celeb who really understands design… or at least lends their name to those who do. Nicole Richie seems to be one of them. My favorite fashionista has done well with her new line, House of Harlow 1960 – already being featured in a slew of magazines as a “Must Have” before the first collection is even available for purchase.

Expect oversized cocktail rings, bangles galore, and lots of head pieces – said to be priced between $60-150. House of Harlow 1960 will debut at the new Kitson location in Melrose when it opens in November. It will also be available at their online store,


Junya Watanabe photos courtesy of

Runway photos courtesy of

Junya Watanabe Spring ’09

Junya Watanabe’s Spring collection, inspired by African drapery and more specifically, West African textiles, was thrilling for me to look at. Not only did I love the colors and the mixing of the patterns but I also thought that the craftsmanship was really brilliant. If you don’t know much about Junya Watanabe, I wrote a post about him earlier this week at Sophista-Funk so be sure to check that out.

Just as last week, Fendi’s hair and make-up drove me wild, I was absolutely in love with the head pieces from Watanabe. I think if I could walk around wearing dried flowers piled on top of my head, I absolutely would!


Balmain Sandals

Although this trend has been around for a while now, no one has made me swoon over a studded footwear. Until right now!

These Balmain sandals are killer.

The ankle strap? So hot!

They would be perfect with skinny jeans or dress.

I pine for them!

Maybe if I start saving now, I’ll have enough for them by Spring…

Okay, very unlikely but I will start looking for a suitable knockoff.


Handmade Nation: A Documentary About the Rise of DIY Art, Craft & Design.

“Handmade Nation documents a movement of artists, crafters and designers that recognize a marriage between historical techniques, punk and DIY (do it yourself) ethos while being influenced by traditional handiwork, modern aesthetics, politics, feminism and art. Fueled by the common thread of creating, Handmade Nation explores a burgeoning art community that is based on creativity, determination and networking.”

Source: HandMadeNation

This documentary by Faythe Levine seems like it covered some really amazing people and projects. As a crafter/diy lover by nature, I can’t wait to see this film when it debuts in ’09. There is also a book that will be available, written by Levine and co-author Cortney Heimerl, in November on Princeton Architectural Press. For more information, visit the HandMadeNation blog.


Photo of the Week:

One of my dearest lady-loves, Promiti (remember, my friend who is lucky enough to work for Chanel?), has just started a blog! While I’ve always been a supporter of this lady getting one and have bugged her about it for a while now, she has finally seen the light. Judith Light! Get it?

No, no, no. I didn’t choose this grainy photo of Who’s The Boss Angela just so that I could make a terrible pun. Promiti actually encountered the incredible JL on the streets of Manhattan recently- thus solidifying her destiny as a blogger of all things nostalgic.

In Promiti’s own words, The Blog is Mine Redux, will make you “care about stuff you didn’t know mattered when it was actually happening”.

I love it already.


Favorite Finds:

S. Sung Charlotte Cardigan

S. Sung Charlotte Cardigan, $129

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S. Sung Blue Antigua Ring Necklace

S. Sung Blue Antigua Ring Necklace, $75

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