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Tastemaker: Tory Burch

The tastemaker of the week is Tory Burch. Chances are, you’ve heard her praise being sung everywhere from Oprah to the new CW show Privileged and seen people strutting around in her signature flats. Her style is very much so influenced by the needs of Manhattan’s upercrust, ie. girls who lunch– the younger set of polished socialites. But the hints of 60s and 70s style make her clothes edgy enough that those with more eclectic tastes are just as likely to covet Burch’s designs. In addition to being current “IT” designer, Burch can also boast the 2008 CFDA award for Accessory Designer of the Year. When the academy and the public are in agreement, you know you’re on to something really good.

For more information on Tory Burch and to shop, please visit her website.

Selected Looks From Tory Burch’s Fall 2008 Collection:

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Tastemaker: Camilla Belle

Name: Camilla Belle (Routh)

Age: 22 (today is her birthday, incidentally)

Where You’ve Seen Her: Best Dressed Lists, Films: When a Stranger Calls, 10,000 B.C., Rip Girls

Why You Noticed Her: Her signature full dark eyebrows, shiny blunt bangs.

Best Looks:

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Tastemaker: Rachel Zoe

I have been such an insomniac lately- it’s really terrible. The last two years of my life have been marked with erratic sleeping patterns, which I had blamed on the college lifestyle but I’m starting to suspect that it has more to do with my overactive mind. The good news is that I’ve gotten caught up on London Fashion Week and watched the first episode of The Rachel Zoe Project.


  • Luella
  • Ossie Clark
  • Charles Anastase

Luella has been the only collection that has really wowed me, although I’m willing to admit that I need to take more time to actually look through the collections and think about them. It wouldn’t hurt to do this at a more reasonable hour either.

Source: Bravo

As for The Rachel Zoe Project, I halfway can’t believe that I made it through the whole thing. It was a little hard to listen to her talk but once I accepted her Zoe-isms (“shut it down”, “I die”, “kill it”, etc.), I was sucked in. Apparently so was a significant portion of America as it’s been reported that the debut of The Rachel Zoe project topped Project Runway’s season premiere. Reviews haven’t been as favorable.

I’ve been mildly/morbidly obsessed with Zoe ever since her partnership with Nicole Richie. That’s not to say that I think she’s the most creative stylist in the biz. I do think that she is one of the most business savy or rather, opportunistic. The lady understands the game and has made it work for her- that is until she started throwing public temper tantrums at shows and let’s not forget about how Zoe dissed Anna Wintour and got herself blacklisted by fashion’s reigning Queen Bee.

If you’ve got some time to kill and you’re interested, you can watch the show on Youtube- that is until Bravo catches wind.

The Rachel Zoe Project (Episode One, Part 1/5)

Love her or hate her, Rachel Zoe is still a tastemaker – at least in Hollywood. To read an old, but really solid, NY Times article about her career, click here.

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Trends: Menswear Spring ’09

nce again, you’ll have to forgive me for posting some repeats from Sophista-Funk. I’ve been so busy lately that cross posting was inevitable. I also wrote an ode to love at HoneyCrate, in which I swoon over Ana Sui some more. Anyway, after sorting through some of the menswear- finally. I must say, there are some really strong trends happening for Spring ’09.

  • It seems as though for Spring colors will either be pale and washed out, creating an almost delicate look (Perry Ellis, Obedient Sons, Iceberg) or they are super saturated and intense (Michael Kors, Lacoste, Calvin Klein) with very little middle ground (Marc by Marc Jacobs had the best of both worlds).
  • As long women’s blazers and boyfriend cardigans take over women’s wear, men’s cardigans become more more snug (Michael Kors, Victor Gelmand) and layered outwear dominate menswear. The lengthy trench or bomber jacket over sweater vests and cardigans was popular (Y-3, Rag & Bone, DKNY)
  • Hats- a cross between the pork pie and the bowler artfully tilted toward the back of the head as well as the return of Gilligan fishing hats.
  • Shoes- black and white monochromatic styles were prevalent as well as exact matches between pants and shoes (see Obedient Sons, Calvin Klein). Also, loafers (Michael Kors, Lacoste).

Is it me or was Band of Outsiders directly channeling Ed Westwick/Chuck Bass?? I happen to enjoy the British rock meets Upper East Side prep look and I suppose at this point noting the influence of Gossip Girl on fashion is old news. I dig it nonetheless.

Also, have to give a shout out to my (54) Home girl, Isa. Girl got her nails did again and I’m jealous. I can’t put polish on my nails without ending up looking like a messy 3rd grader. Anyway- the West Coast agrees with you, boo!

Chanel girl!

Chanel girl!

And another, overdue, shout out to Promiti who will be starting her job at CHANEL on Monday! You do big things girl, real big things!

Tastemaker: Anna Wintour

Tonight, I watched The Devil Wears Prada with my cousin who had never seen the film before. Morgan was so shocked by the Miranda Priestly character that I felt it necessary to explain to her who Anna Wintour is and what her connection is to the film.

I just found this on E-bay. It is the May 1996 issue of Seventeen Magazine with TLC on the cover. It was the first magazine ever purchased for me. Thanks Mama!

I just found this on E-bay. It is the May 1996 issue of Seventeen Magazine with TLC on the cover. It was the first magazine ever purchased for me. Thanks Mama!

There are times when I wonder what all this knowledge about the fashion world is good for. How does it tie into my Psychology degree or plans to be a social worker? Worse, there are the times when I feel tempted to add up all of the dollars and pennies that I’ve spent on fashion mags in my lifetime. I may only be 22 but I know the total is grotesque. And yet, fashion is my passion. I’ve tried to deny it and yet, I get ichy palms and a racing heart every time that I see a new copy of Lucky or get near a well designed frock. And now, with the rise of fashion blogs, I find myself drawn in even further.

The industry can no longer be contained to two arenas high fashion and commercial, it has evolved into thousands of enclaves. In a way, Anna Wintour’s opinion means almost nothing and I’m not simply referring to lagging magazine sales. With the rise of the internet and the almost-free sharing of information, fewer people are buying magazines in print and more people are turning to the thousands of fashion blogs on the internet for guidance. Many are even starting their own personal fashion journals through free blogging platforms (ahem). My point is, there is no longer one singular voice of authority in the fashion world.

But the truth of this scene gets me ever time:

Which led me to think about my last post and also this video clip that I found a few days ago of Anna Wintour being interviewed by Barbara Walters in 2006 as part of “The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2006” special. Wintour touches upon some of the topics in my last post so I thought I would share. Also, Walters asking her about The Devil Wears Prada and the “expectations” for the staff at Vogue is just classic.

I may not fully understand my love of fashion or new found commitment to making it my professional industry of choice but I do know that it brings me joy. Expensive, expensive joy.