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Aside from the layout, you can find everything from the original Trendology at the new space, with the exception of some of the comments from the last couple of posts. Moving into a private domain will hopefully allow me the space/freedom that I need to expand Trendology so be on the look out for new features and please bear with me as I continue to get the site up and running.

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— Jillian


Inspiration: Golden Girls

All credit goes to Linde and Chris for making this observation: It seems like nowadays, hipster girls are channeling the original chick clique- The Golden Girls for fashion inspiration. From full coverage polyester and lace dresses that are borrowed from grandmother’s closet to sequin drenched tunics, the influence of the Golden Girls can be spotted both on the streets and the runway (super saturated blazers and early 90s florals are gonna be major for spring).

Golden Girls Intro:

This trend, like any other, is only flattering when in moderation. I was blessed with fashionable grandparents but that certainly doesn’t mean that I want to look like I AM a grandparent. Ya dig? I mean, channeling the past is one thing but I’m not ready to move into a Florida retirement community. Just think about the fact that in the fashion world when you’re being compared to Dorothy, Sophia, Blanche or Rose it’s because you’ve had a “what was she thinking” moment. I don’t think it’s fair to give those lady such a bad rap though – so if you’re gonna use them as inspiration, keep it fresh.

P.S. – How awesome is this photo of Bea Arthur with Angela Lansbury?

Photos courtesy of Polyvore and Lifetime

Reminder: Register to Vote!

Excuse me while I (rightfully) get dramatic:

For many states, the deadline for registering to vote in the 11/4/08 election, to determine the next president, is rapidly approaching. Registering to vote only takes a few minutes and it is a decision that you will not regret. If past elections have taught us anything, every vote counts- or at least it should. If you care about this country (or the world) and the direction that we’re headed in, you need to register.¬† FAILING TO REGISTER and/or NOT VOTING¬† is a decision that may have epic consequences. So do your part and try to make your voice heard. Have a say in the fate of the world.

Sites like Just Vote and Rock The Vote are nonpartisan websites that will give you all the information that you need. If you have questions about absentee ballots, voting overseas, or you just aren’t sure if you’re registered- FIND OUT THE ANSWERS, NOW!

Time is running out in many states!

Saturday, October 4th Registration Deadlines:

Alaska, Nevada, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Washington.

Monday, October 6th Registration Deadlines:

Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia.

Click here to find the deadline for your state.

Ok, I’m done being dramatic.

Image courtesy of College OTR

Bad Blogger

What a strange week this has been and shame on me for not posting anything! I wish I could say that I had been terribly busy or that I had written lots of great stuff over at Sophista-Funk and HoneyCrate but alack alas it is not so. But I will definitely take the time to point out some cool stuff that the other girls offered up this week:
Tala had a great find at Sophista-Funk with her post on Michelle Jank. How fly is this neck piece? Talk about making a statement. I’d really love to own this as I’ve really been into glitz and glam lately.
Also of note- Caro held down HoneyCrate with a slew of good stuff this past week. Her post on “Obama: The Historic Campaign in Photographs” was very well timed. And in spirit of the presidential debates (did ya’ll watch?), I’ve added a widget to the blog that will help you check your voting status and get ready for the big showdown on November 4th!
Monroe Gallery
Source: Monroe Gallery

I knew he had been battling aggressive cancer but Paul Newman‘s death still comes as a shock to me. What a good guy. And stylish too. While googling him, as I’m sure many others have been doing, I found so many amazing photographs of Mr. Newman. Talk about cool. And that stare? Dude was badass. But I think what I respect most about the man is that he gave to heartily to others and I’m not just talking about his lemonade and salad dressings, although those are great.

I have the sudden urge to spend the remainder of the weekend watching old films and feeling nostalgic for an age in which I do not belong.

Cue the link to Linde‘s blog, About To Combust, and her post on nostalgia in the arts (film, television, fashion etc.) Linde is truly brilliant and I have nothing but respect for her incredible academic pursuits. Girl is hella smart. Check out her blog.

Good stuff is on the way this week- I promise- so look out for it!

Tastemaker: Anna Wintour

Tonight, I watched The Devil Wears Prada with my cousin who had never seen the film before. Morgan was so shocked by the Miranda Priestly character that I felt it necessary to explain to her who Anna Wintour is and what her connection is to the film.

I just found this on E-bay. It is the May 1996 issue of Seventeen Magazine with TLC on the cover. It was the first magazine ever purchased for me. Thanks Mama!

I just found this on E-bay. It is the May 1996 issue of Seventeen Magazine with TLC on the cover. It was the first magazine ever purchased for me. Thanks Mama!

There are times when I wonder what all this knowledge about the fashion world is good for. How does it tie into my Psychology degree or plans to be a social worker? Worse, there are the times when I feel tempted to add up all of the dollars and pennies that I’ve spent on fashion mags in my lifetime. I may only be 22 but I know the total is grotesque. And yet, fashion is my passion. I’ve tried to deny it and yet, I get ichy palms and a racing heart every time that I see a new copy of Lucky or get near a well designed frock. And now, with the rise of fashion blogs, I find myself drawn in even further.

The industry can no longer be contained to two arenas high fashion and commercial, it has evolved into thousands of enclaves. In a way, Anna Wintour’s opinion means almost nothing and I’m not simply referring to lagging magazine sales. With the rise of the internet and the almost-free sharing of information, fewer people are buying magazines in print and more people are turning to the thousands of fashion blogs on the internet for guidance. Many are even starting their own personal fashion journals through free blogging platforms (ahem). My point is, there is no longer one singular voice of authority in the fashion world.

But the truth of this scene gets me ever time:

Which led me to think about my last post and also this video clip that I found a few days ago of Anna Wintour being interviewed by Barbara Walters in 2006 as part of “The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2006” special. Wintour touches upon some of the topics in my last post so I thought I would share. Also, Walters asking her about The Devil Wears Prada and the “expectations” for the staff at Vogue is just classic.

I may not fully understand my love of fashion or new found commitment to making it my professional industry of choice but I do know that it brings me joy. Expensive, expensive joy.