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Trend Alert: Dr. Martens

Style 1b60, Dr. Martens, $140

Style 1b60, Dr. Martens, $140

Style 1460, Dr. Marte

With rugged boots coming back into style, it was only a matter of time before Dr. Martens (aka – DMs, Docs, Doc Martens) started to to, once again, grace the pages of fashion magazines. Although the company likes to downplay this history, Dr. Martens were first debuted during World War II. Their inventor, Dr. Klaus Martens was a German army doctor during the war who needed to create special shoes for himself due to an injury that he sustained while on vacation.  In 1947 Klaus went into business with his friend, Dr. Herbert Funck, and the two began designing “comfort” shoes that were wildly popular with women over the age of 40.


Style 1460, Dr. Martens, $110

The brand has come a long way from German housewives and now is more likely to be associated with punks, skinheads, and Brittany Murphy‘s character in Clueless before Cher gave her a makeover. But this season, Dr. Martens have been thoroughly integrated into mainstream fashion, much to the dismay of whatever remains of subversive youth culture(s). Most recently, I saw Dr. Martens being featured in the November issue of Lucky magazine as a must have for this fall.

Style 1460, Dr. Martens, $110

Style 1460, Dr. Martens, $110

LA Times

Agyness Deyn. Source: LA Times

Some of the best publicity that the brand has had, no doubt, comes from current “it girl” Agyness Deyn. Whether you adore her or think she’s just okay, Deyn seems to be on the pulse of all things stylish.  She is a muse for many young hipsters who are looking for the next big thing. While Dr. Martens are anything but new, their new floral prints and neon colors are sure to draw in a new crowd this season.

If you’re thinking about ordering a pair of these shoes, I suggest you consider branching out from the standard black and try an unexpected color or pattern in a style that will work well with your wardrobe.

Cerys, Dr. Martens, $170

Cerys, Dr. Martens, $170



I Want These: Olsen Haus Vegan Boots

Groove, Olsen Haus, $215

No need to feel guilty — Olsen Haus shoes are 100% vegan deliciousness.

Heartbreaker: Kathryn Amberliegh Pumps

These suede pumps from Kathryn Amberliegh went as low as $29.00 (read: totally within reach!) at OAK before selling out. Sadly, I was not one of the luckies who snatched them up in time. Huge sigh. They should at least have the decency to take the picture off the website so that I will stop starring at it and drooling over what could have been a beautiful love story.